Next Wave Physioacoustic PRO chair

The Next Wave ® Physioacoustic therapy chair is a comfortable and ergonomic chair. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted as desired. In the chair are six sound speakers placed which are connected to a special computer software program. The speakers produce audible and sensible sound vibrations.

A handset is connected to the chair. On the handset are 16 preset programs, 8 programs are intensive (activating) and 8 are soft (relaxing). It is also possible to change the power pulsation of each individual speaker group.

In addition to the handset (MX) this model can be connected to a laptop (PRO). On the laptop is a special software program installed, with the possibility to add unlimited treatment programs.

We supply the Next Wave ® Physioacoustic PRO therapy chair including laptop, with the special software features 22 standard treatment programs. It is always possible to buy more treatment programs €99,00 per program. We can also design a special program for you or your client.

• Leather Physioacoustic therapy chair
• High leather armrests and side panels
• Lumbar support, with manual pomp
• MX handset (incl. 16 programs)
• PRO black box with cables
• Possibility for music connection
• Electrically adjustable foot-and backrest
• Laptop with PRO software with the ability to expand treatment programs

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